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E-Blue Mazer R Mouse EMS124BK

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Technical Specifications

Producent code
Color element
Dedicated software
A kind of mouse
Working range
1.8 m
Sensor type
Sensor model
Sensitivity adjustment
2400 DPI
Number of buttons
The frequency of refreshing the entries
No data
One color
Mouse profile
Braided cable
Length [mm]
Width [mm]
Height [mm]
Weight [g]
Cable length
1.8 m


Product description

Sensitivity 2400 DPI
Not everyone needs extremely high DPI levels of a mouse. If you do not find an idea for their use, a mouse with a slightly narrower range of this parameter will be a good choice. This mouse model allows you to set the sensitivity to the level of 2400 DPI, which should be enough for most applications such as office work, design and games.

Adjust DPI to your needs
The step-by-step sensitivity adjustment in a gaming mouse is the most popular solution that allows you to quickly and dynamically change the sensitivity to the selected level. Mice with step regulation usually offer several levels to choose from, which allows you to adjust the parameters of their operation to a specific game, and even to specific situations in the game.

Right-handed profile
It is a mouse designed especially for right-handed people. Its profile has been designed so that it fits perfectly under the right hand - buttons, protrusions and recesses are exactly where they need to be to ensure the precision of the device and the highest comfort of its use.

Wired connectivity
Ensure the highest precision and reliability thanks to the wired power supply of the mouse. The cable it is equipped with has the right length, is flexible and solidly made. Wired communication with a computer is second to none and works well both in the workplace and at the home desk.

One-color backlight
The single-color backlight of the mouse will definitely facilitate the game after dark and will affect the aesthetics of the entire desk. The backlight for a specific model is predefined by the manufacturer.

Optical sensor
The precision of operation and trouble-free operation of the mouse is ensured by a high-class optical sensor. Choose the proven and most popular solution that will work not only on a perfectly smooth pad, but even directly on the desk surface. The optical sensor will ensure comfortable operation both at high and at lower DPI settings of the device.

6 convenient buttons
The number of buttons in a computer mouse can determine the comfort of its use, the pace of work, as well as the results in the game. This mouse model has been equipped with 6 buttons that definitely facilitate everyday work and entertainment. Side buttons can be used to undo or redo actions performed, and in games they will be useful, for example, to quickly change character's equipment. 6-button computer mice are popular choice for work, gaming and many other applications.

E-blue Type R gaming
mouse Designers gave the mouse the shape of an airplane wing. The left part of the mouse is sticking out and the right part is slightly outwards, so that the mouse gets the line of the actual wing. Just like on an airplane you can feel while controlling this mouse model in the gaming world.

Fascinating LED effects
Inside the mouse is integrated red and blue light, thanks to the combination of both colors, the perfect purple light is obtained. We have 4 levels of DPI (600/1200/1800/2400) available, which can be set according to the needs of individual players.

Ergonomic design for right-handed people
The ergonomic shape of the mouse is designed to support the thumb. The upper part of the mouse with a special elongated shape adds comfort when clicking. The lower part of the mouse has been widened to provide support for the entire hand.

Airplane inspired
design The design concept inspired by the airplane wing is strongly reflected in the lower left side of the mouse, while keeping the correct side of the curve plane so that it is optimally aligned with your fingers.

Large rubber scroll The
large rubber scroll enables perfect movement control. Browsing the web has never been easier.


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