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Tecnimed VISIOFOCUS MINI bezkontakta infrasarkanais projekcijas termometrs 6 in 1 - 06700

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Product description

VisioFocus® Mini is a non-contact thermometer, hygienic and easy to use,:

  • It  projects the temperature reading
  • the projection system indicates the correct reading distance
  • it is silent, it does not touch the skin and does not disturb your child’s sleep
  • it measures and projects the temperature of objects, food, liquids (1 to 80°C / 33.8 to 176°F) and skin, as well as the ambient temperature
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You can measure your baby’s temperature at first sight, with VisioFocus® Mini. The thermometer takes your baby’s body temperature without contact him and it projects the temperature reading on his forehead: it simply reveals the body temperature, without ever coming in contact with the skin.

Just bring the thermometer close to the forehead, at the distance that the thermometer itself will tell you, so that the reading temperature will appear on the forehead. The projection system indicates the correct reading distance, that is essential to obtain accurate measurements.


Visiofocus® Mini is an astonishing thermometer meant to allow moms and dads to take the temperature of their baby with comfort, safety, hygiene, but also with rapidity and precision, without waking him up when he is sleeping.


VisioFocus® Mini has been invented as the evolution of VisioFocus®.

Visiofocus® and Visiofocus® Mini are the only thermometers in the world that project the temperature reading.




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